Concert at the Arena di Verona, a roman amphitheater originally built in 30 A.D, "Live in Verona"

After a brief orchestral intro, things kick in with a rousing ‘Highway Star.’ All these years on, and singer Ian Gillan is still able to deliver. Though not the full-on force of nature he was 40 years ago, he is powerful throughout the entire performance. Highlights are plenty: ‘Hard Lovin’ Man,’ ‘Maybe I’m a Leo’ and ‘Strange Kind of Woman’ are all done justice here.

Though the presence of keyboard legend Jon Lord is missed, replacement Don Airey holds down the fort with respect. Meanwhile, this performance shines a bright light on the attributes of Steve Morse on guitar. He has certainly settled into his role in the band since joining in 1994.
The orchestral backing here is never a distraction, and on certain songs (‘Rapture of the Deep’ and, surprisingly, ‘Woman from Tokyo’) it adds an unexpected dimension. That being said, and to be perfectly honest, they don’t need any added power, especially with the main man, Ian Paice behind the drum kit. He and bassist Roger Glover still combine to make one of the finest rhythm sections ever to wander onto a rock stage.
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‘Live in Verona’ Track Listing:
‘Deep Purple Overture’
‘Highway Star’
‘Hard Lovin’ Man’
‘Maybe I’m a Leo’
‘Strange Kind of Woman’
‘Rapture of the Deep’
‘Woman from Tokyo’
‘Contact Lost’
Guitar Solo
‘When a Blind Man Cries’
‘The Well-Dressed Guitar’
‘Knocking at Your Back Door’
‘No One Came’
Keyboard Solo
‘Perfect Strangers’
‘Space Truckin’’
‘Smoke on the Water’
‘Black Night’

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